Here's the truth: not all business trainings are designed for the way millennials think about business, money and the lifestyles they want.


In fact, most business trainings are way too old school. They focus on being pushy with sales, manipulating people into purchasing their services and cold calling. They focus on being “professional” instead of being real. Worst of all, no one even teaches you what to do with the money you’re making.


We embrace technology and social media.
We value transparency and authenticity.
We want to make money while changing the world.

  • We want to run businesses entirely from our laptops
    so we can get on a plane and explore the world.

  • We want to make money without shoving our
    businesses down someone’s throat.

  • And we’re a generation that’s
    very candid about money.

Most people would think we’re entitled and crazy, but we both know that’s simply not the case. We both know that all millennials really want is freedom.

That’s why I created the Make Money Your Honey Academy, the only online business training and community created specifically with millennial entrepreneurs in mind.

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...sought after business and finance writer, and online business coach for millennials. I’ve created financial and business content for the likes of Credit Karma, Investopedia, Kabbage Small Business Loans and more. My work has been featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post, Business Insider, TIME and most recently, Inc.

After building a profitable business that has brought in over $10k a month while I create, travel and make a big impact in the world, I’ve come to realize a few things about what it takes to teach millennials how to run successful businesses.

Here’s what I know for sure – millennials want freedom and they want it on their terms. They don’t want to be tethered to a desk job. They want to make money while changing the world and they want to learn from other people who are doing the same. Quite frankly, millennials were born for entrepreneurship. Pesky

Most millennials feel overwhelmed by all the business training that doesn’t address their specific needs. This manifests in multiple ways:

  • Implementing everything you've learned about online business from internet marketers but still not making much money.
  • Fumbling through sales calls because you feel like a used car sales man.
  • On the verge of tears when someone even mentions the phrase "elevator pitch.”
  • Rolling your eyes whenever someone talks about manifesting money.
  • Lacking the confidence to be a leader in this world.

In fact, most millennial entrepreneurs are experiencing the exact same scenarios and it's time to do something about it.

Because here's the deal...

  • You can have a killer product or service
    and still not make much money.

  • You can know SEO like the back of your hand
    and still not have many clients.

  • You can build your list until your face turns blue
    and still be broke.

None of these scenarios mean you're stupid or that you can't be successful. None of them mean you're not cut out for entrepreneurship.

You just need a little guidance on business tools
most internet marketers don't teach:

  • Leveraging your time

  • Learning how to create a sales process

  • Dealing with your money blocks

You may not even think that any of these are an issue, but you still have a nagging feeling that you could be doing better. You know deep inside that you can be making way more money.

Don't sweat it. These kinds of blocks happen at all levels of business.

  • Teaches you how to implement online tools and create systems so you can focus your time on things that matter most to you and your business.

  • Doesn’t just teach you how to start a blog or set up a Facebook fan page, but shows you how these things work as a part of a sales process.

  • Doesn’t teach you to “hope and pray” that someone will buy something from your website, but shows you how to have authentic conversations that lead to sales.

  • Quickly takes you from knowing nothing about running a profitable online business, to creating the foundation and systems you need to create leads and sales.

  • Leverages the power of community with a forum.

The Make Money Your Honey Academy
is organized according to four key pillars.


What is the Make Money Your Honey Academy?

The Make Money Your Honey Academy is my answer to the countless questions, emails, tweets and suggestions I’ve gotten over the years. This was created in collaboration with coaching clients, readers of my book, podcast listeners, blog readers and hundreds of students who have taken my trainings and have very openly shared their concerns, struggles and questions when learning about business and finance.

Since launching my book in 2014, I’ve wanted to find a way to create a community where millennials can connect with each other while learning about business and money mindset principles. I wanted to create an accessible way for people to get the training they need to create the businesses and lives they dream of.

Quite frankly, everyone should have access to information that can help them improve their businesses, their finances and their lives– and up until now that access has either had a hefty price tag attached to it or it’s been too old school for the millennial mindset.

How does it work?

Monthly membership gives you access to:

  • 1. A library of content that includes every class I’ve ever taught, book I’ve ever written and e-guide I’ve ever created.
  • 2. Resources to help you grow your business and improve your finances.
  • 3. The Make Money Your Honey Academy Forum
  • 4. You will also have access to all future classes and trainings.
  • (Note: Group coaching calls are now reserved for private clients and Persuade to Profit students.)
Join Now for $49/mo.

Don't just take my word for it,
check out what countless coaching clients are saying
about the guidance and content I provide.

My business will never be the same again...

Amanda approached my problem with refreshing logic, challenging my assumptions and providing clarity where I'd been bogged down. She reframed my understanding of what it looks like to be "in business for myself" and how to approach my goals. By offering two key insights and some really good advice, Amanda gave me the major mindset shift (and kick in the tail) that I didn't even know I needed. All in the space of a quick chat! My business will never be the same, thanks to her. Many, many thanks to her.

- Ashley Gainer, Freelance Writer

Amanda’s coaching allowed me to do the impossible...

...launch my personal website within months. I was even featured on Inc within 4 months! The coaching expedited my success. Thank you, Amanda!

- Dustin Mahberg, Millennial leadership coach

Be prepared to be mind blown!

Amanda lends phenomenal advice to the millennial generation and ignites hope in those desiring to start or grow a business. She motivates through her unique perspective and educates on the correct money mindset needed to pursue entrepreneurship. She is a master strategist that takes theories and puts them into actionable steps that yield results. Be prepared to be mind blown!

- Taylor Stevens, Original Academy member

Amanda gave me that "Aha" moment...

After I talked to Amanda I realized that I had been thinking about freelance writing in terms of ghostwriting and other articles that either my name wasn't attached to or I didn't particularly want my name to be attached to. I'm trying to think of ways to write for places that will help build my personal brand and feel meaningful. A couple days after we spoke, ClassPass contacted me to write for their blog and gave me a free month ($99!) in exchange, which I already regularly pay for, so it actually did feel like real money in my pocket. I'm glad Amanda gave me that "aha" moment that I could be pursuing paid writing that I actually enjoy!

- Kerri Lowe, Storyteller & Poet

Frequently Asked Questions


Most of our students do have a business, but there are plenty of resources for those who don't as well.

You’ll learn how to think like an entrepreneur and avoid costly mistakes many people make when going into business for the first time. These are easily transferable to regular jobs as well because we teach time leverage, delegation, setting boundaries and principles that can help you ask for more.

Plus, you'll learn different ways that you can make more money right now.

If you have a regular job and want to take this course we've created materials just for you. Make sure to check out "How to Use This Course If You Have a Regular Job" and "26 Ways to Make More Money Right Now."


While there are plenty of great programs out there, most only do one of two things: They either only teach you how to market yourself online or they only teach you how to do traditional sales. No one teaches you how to use both together.

That's why so many online entrepreneurs are still struggling after participating in other programs. They know social media like the back of their hands, but social media alone isn't going to make you any money. Or, they are cold calling until their face turns blue, but they have no idea how to have a genuine sales conversation.

The MMYH Academy specifically focuses on the activities that will actively generate revenue in your business: leveraging your time, sales and your money mindset.

By the end of this program you will be able to:

  • Identify which activities generate revenue and which one's don't.
  • Quote your prices with ease and confidence.
  • Conduct sales calls that lead to deals and don't leave you feeling like a used car salesman.
  • Attract abundance in the most practical ways possible.

This course is meant to complement other courses who focus primarily on social media and online marketing.


Real talk. No program works unless you work.

If you’re expecting the Academy, or anything else, to magically solve your problems or make you money, please do not sign-up. This is not some “get rich” quick program.

With that being said, we suggest giving the program a full 90 days in order to start seeing benefits.


Yes. We don’t believe in stringing people along and understand that everyone has a different way of learning. We give you the power to find which method works best for you.

However, we recommend dedicating one week of study and implementation for each class. It is a lot of material to digest and some assignments to take time to get the full picture.


Yes. Once you hit one money goal you need to work on hitting the next one.

No matter what stage you find yourself in, as soon as you make the decision to up your money game a new set of fears, emotions and behaviors come up. Furthermore, we can always learn new systems and practices for organization, sales and marketing. That’s why we designed our program for people in all stages of their business.


Yes. We are fully committed to helping you change your business and your life. You can cancel your monthly membership at any time by emailing

Join Now for $49/mo.
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